Monitor your domains' expiration date, from one place.

Domain Book app, an easy and straightforward way to monitor your domains' expiration date. It is like a phonebook for your domains.

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Simple and Easy to use

A simple UI to give you the critical information about your domains,
especially when you have many domains with various registrars.
All you need to do is adding your domain, and the app will get all the information required from the internet. We support a long list of domains whois servers.
Also, you can refresh the domain information at any time.

Simple UI
Automatic import

Auto import

By utilizing the powerful API that each registrar provide, we were able to provide this feature which allows you to auto import the list of your domains directly without the need to add them manually.
Right now we only support four companies, and we are planning to add more shortly.

What will expire soon?

We all know how it feels when you forget to renew your domain, that's why we have added two menus to our app, one to show you a list of all the domains which will expire in 30 days, the other one display the domains which will expire in 60 days.
This way you will know when your domain will be renewed, no surprise payments anymore.

When you keep the application running in the background, it will try to update your domains information every six hours. This way you will always have your domains' information updated.

List of domains expire in 60 days


When you add a domain, the application will communicate with the WHOIS providers asking for the domain information, once retrieved we add them to the application database.
Either we dont support your domains' extensions yet, or we are unable to fetch your domains' information from the WHOIS providers. In the past the domains' information used to be public and accessible for everyone, but due to bad behaviours by the people some WHOIS providers decided not to disclose the important information for this app to work like the creation and expiration dates.
In the past, it was possible to use WHOIS to find out the creation and/or expiry date of a domain name. This enabled some members of the domain name industry to send unsolicited renewal notices to registrants with whom they did not have a prior business relationship, causing significant levels of customer confusion. As a result of these problems, many providers determined that creation, renewal and expiry dates will not be disclosed on the WHOIS service. That's why the retrieved data can't be accurate 100% as we depend on the WHOIS providers.
This feature is not available at the moment, but we are planning to add it in the future releases.
The application will not store or use your credentials.
The application will use your credentials to communicate with the API providers only. That's why every time you will have to provide your credentials for the application to be able to retrieve your domains' information.
There are two important notes about the auto-refresh functionality:
  1. You need to make sure that your computer is always running.
  2. It will only try to update the domains which will expires in the next 30 days.
So if you renewed a domain which was not going to expire in 30 days, you can always use the manual refresh button near the domain name to update the information.
You can contact us using any of the following methods:
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  2. Via our live chat in the website.
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  4. Via GitHub , if you have an account there.